Evolving collaborative networks

Evolving London 2012

MyNetworks is a framework for implementing boundaryless organisational architectures utilising best practices across the board. We are prototyping the architecture initially in London and the UK. Please read through the links below for more information.


Your first step towards working with myNetworks is to join us on our Facebook group. Tell us about yourself, what you do and what you would like to do.


The days of Lau Tzu and Machiavelli are long gone. Are there better ways to manage our twenty first century global culture?

The evolution of the internet

The rapid development of the Internet has changed the way we live and work. Here we look briefly at the evolution of the Internet, from the VT100 terminal to Social Networking and beyond.

Our network

An overview of some of the projects in our prototype network.


Project Starflower

Mission A global initiative with the aim of encouraging ecological awareness and highlighting the fact that we must all play a part in the collective stewardship of our earth.


Mission To become a nexus for the underground and alternative scenes in London, enabling squatters, ravers, protesters, artists and mad scientists to collaborate, exchange ideas and take over London by December 2012.


Mission To enable and support creative social regeneration in the UK through the provision of business methodologies, the promotion of peer support networks and the creative use of online collaborative forums and offline infrastructure.


Mission To encourage full, friendly negotiation between squatters, the police and landlords. We aim to initiate fundraising drives with the aim of legally housing and supporting London's squatter and homeless population. There will be a strong emphasis on striving to resolve conflict on all sides. Additionally, we aim to prevent unnecessary impositions upon the civil liberties of all those involved.


Mission To collect and publish positive visions of a beautiful future from as many people as possible.


A shop selling homemade art, music, film and other oddities to people in their homes, via the internet or by personal delivery.


My graphic art


Art, music and madness by Trip. Join his invisible band here.


A guide to collaboration

There are a number of blocking factors that prevent collaboration and motivating factors that encourage it. Here we explore some of these factors.

Working in real time

Whether you are aiming for competitive advantage or trying to maximise your ability to do good, it is imperative to work in real time. How do we do that outsides of the confines of an organisation?

Professional conduct

Further thoughts on working with people in a loosely co-ordinated network.


We utilise a simple operational architecture based around 'multi dimensional fractal recursive temporal trees'. This isn't as complicated as it sounds and completely replaces the existing project management paradigm. Read this primer for more information.


A practical introduction to the use of networks, peers and proxies to simulate organisational behaviour.


A guide to making the most of technologies to implement boundaryless business and social protocols.

Jumping the Curve

An interactive guide to high level change management produced in collaboration with
Amaze Ltd. and The Performance Group. This is a great primer, based on detailed research into a number of global corporations, including IBM, Cisco, AT&T, Airbus and FedEx. Well worth a look.

Cellular Organisations

An introduction to reactive cellular organisational networks, produced in collaboration with Ashridge Consultancy (
Ashridge Business School) and Intellegri (QinetiQ).


Individuals capable of operating, or interested in learning about the deployment of online software applications.

Writers, artists, journalists and strategists interested in extending the protocol and producing written or audiovisual documentation.

Groups interested in deploying the mynetworks protocol.


MyNetworks is a simple network protocol. It enables individuals and groups to rapidly initialise and evolve communities, businesses and networks. MyNetworks is not a technology, although it utilises technologies to implement its protocol.


A nexus is a point around which something can grow. A nexus may be a plant, an animal or a mineral. Plants relate to organisations, animals represent processes and minerals designate resources. MyNetworks utilises the tree protocol. The lifecycle of a system employing a tree protocol is as follows:


  • Logo
  • Web address
  • 'Join' button *
  • Mission statement
  • Basic documentation
  • Status
* Using Google Forms

  • One or more drivers *
  • Flyers or business cards
  • A plan
* Initiators / actualisers


As with seed, but additionally:

  • Facebook group
  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter ID
  • Google site
  • Sales / Donations Point
  • Links list *
  • Personnel list *
  • Core team
  • Web editor
  • Designer
  • Distributed network
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Editorial policy
  • A plan of action
  • Initial implementation
* Optional


As with seedling, but additionally:

  • Custom website
  • Realtime feeds
  • Project management tools
  • Visible accountablity
  • Online shop *
  • Web team
  • Design team
  • Recruitment team
  • Project team
  • Network strategy
  • Business plan *
  • Accountancy *
  • Marketing stragegy *
  • Sales and distribution *
  • Full implementation
* Optional


As with sapling, but additionally:

  • Custom web applications
  • Online business tools
  • Digital marketing strategy *
  • Global team
  • Corporate visibility
  • Corporate accountability
  • Scalability protocol
  • Performance indicators
  • Managed properties *
  • Other physical assets *
  • Investment strategy *
  • P.A.Y.E *
* Optional


As with pole, but additionally:

  • Network of websites
  • Custom business tools
  • Global digital strategy
  • Network affiliates
  • Market saturation *
  • Diversification
  • Philanthropic activity
  • Corporate governance
  • Planting new seeds
* Optional


Tree Protocol V0.1

[ Seed ] Seedling Sapling Pole Tree

Logo by Justyna Gurbisz

MyNetworks Designed by Trip